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chief executive officer

 Do not create expectations, surprise and delight the Customer!

Ana Nogueira’s passion for the tourism and hospitality industry led her to study Hospitality Business Management with a focus in Quality Management, Food Safety Systems Management, Customer Service, Project Management.

Ana has raveled extensively to over 27 countries and knows firsthand what leisure and business travelers need to feel welcome and supported when abroad. Nowdays, the digital tools and sustenable offers are very important in the hospitality business to welcome the new wave of tourists  in all over the world - healthy and digital nomadas!

Today, Ana is the CEO of Burgorelax, a Lisbon-based consultant and hospitality company that manages a diverse portfolio of lodging options in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area, as well as looking for the best solution of services in the local market. With a high local knowledge, creativity and great connections on the ground, it will be easier to get the best proposal price/quality/services.

Burgorelax presents you a full package offer: Venue search including accommodation, Incentive programmes, Event theming, Decoration, Production, Transportation,Social activities, Hospitality staff, AV and Entertainment, Corporate gifts, Meetings and Conferences.

In addition to Burgorelax, Ana has many years of experience working closely with one of the most prestigious business consulting firms in Portugal, Wise Consulting. That she uses to propose to clients several business opportunities that she shares with to propose clients who are looking to invest, build and manage businesses or living in Portugal or other countries around the world. 

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