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President and Founder



Ana Nogueira’s passion for the tourism and hospitality industry led her to study Hospitality Business Management with a focus in Quality Assurance, Systems Management, Customer Satisfaction, and Food Safety Management.

Today, Ana is the CEO of Burgorelax, a Lisbon-based hospitality company that manages a diverse portfolio of upscale, yet affordable, short and long-term lodging options in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area. Burgorelax includes properties such as the pristine Royal Principe Real Hostel in one of Portugal’s most affluent neighborhoods to seafront condos located 15 minutes from Lisbon’s historic center. The common factors that unite all of Burgorelax’s listings are the team’s attention to detail, professionalism, and strong commitment to customer service. Ana herself has traveled extensively to over 27 countries and knows firsthand what leisure and business travelers need to feel welcome and supported when abroad.

In addition to Burgorelax, Ana has many years of experience working closely with one of the most prestigious business consulting firms in Portugal, Wise Consulting. It is here that she manages several business opportunities that she shares with to propose clients who are looking to invest, build and manage hospitality-based businesses in Portugal or in other countries around the world.